19 April 2016

Somethin' I Saw Today - Spring in the Shenandoah 2016

Took this photo yesterday a few miles from my home, looking North, near Indian Ridge Road in Augusta County, Virginia.

And, providentially, this from the WAPO:

“Something about contact with nature is soothing and restorative and thereby good for mental health.”

They're just figuring that out?

Put another way: God's Creation is superior to man's creation.


Paul Henkel said...

I just acquired your book "The Battle of Waynesboro" and read the dedication of the book to your Dad, Guy Williams. Hey, I knew a Guy Williams when I was a teenager growing up in Waynesboro!! I further read that you grew up in Wayne Hills. Did you live on Henry Ave? Is your mother, Beverly? Do you have a younger brother, Scott? Do you have red hair? If so, I was your neighbor three doors down and across the street. My step-father was Dan Jones and my mother was Frances. They were good friends with a Guy and Beverly Williams, your parents?!?

I graduated from Waynesboro H.S. in 1966 and left for Roanoke College. I did return to Waynesboro over holidays and summers but also attended summer sessions at R.C. After graduation in August of 1970 I moved to Roanoke where I have lived for the last 46 years. The last time I saw Guy and Beverly Williams was in the summer of 1972 when I attended a dance with them. After Dan and Mom divorced in 1972 I lost all contact with the Williams family.

It is ironic that I now have one of your books in my library! You have become a renown author and quite the expert on the Civil War. I am not a Civil War buff but am gathering history about Waynesboro and the Shenandoah Valley. I am studying my ancestors who were quite instrumental in spreading Lutheranism throughout the region in the mid 1700 to early 1800. We are having a family reunion in Staunton this June and I am preparing a talk about Waynesboro.

Please let me know if your are the Ricky Williams I knew at those many years ago.

Paul Henkel

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

You have the right man Paul! It's been a while - not many folks call me "Ricky" any more. ;-)

Dan was very close to our family, as you know. I think of him often. Thanks for getting in touch, it's great to hear from you Paul.