23 April 2016

The Faith of Modern Atheists . . .

is in the state.

Stefan Molyneux is a Canadian blogger and author, as well as a libertarian atheist. A friend recently recommended this video in which Molyneux voices his growing "problems" with his fellow atheists. I found his commentary quite insightful.

Though I don't agree with everything Molyneux says here, I believe his perspective is very (and spot on in many remarks) interesting and well worth contemplating. (And I say that as a former Darwinist/agnostic.) It's also rather humorous at times. His comments regarding reason and evidence are refreshing and those views are, at least in part, what led me to become a believer and follower of Jesus Christ.

And though he and I would have a number of serious disagreements on several important issues (based on the views he presents here), I'd be honored to have him as a neighbor and friend. 

Are you open-minded enough to watch and consider? Peace.

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