15 May 2016

Justice Clarence Thomas on Academia and Political Correctness

From his commencement address at Hillsdale College:
Thomas lamented various aspects of contemporary society, especially with regard to colleges and universities. He diagnosed what he regards as a contemporary tendency to take pride in having "grievances rather than personal conduct" and to focus on individual rights as citizens, rather than responsibilities. "Hallmarks of my youth such as patriotism and religion seem more like outliers, if not afterthoughts," Thomas said.
Said in other words, progressives in academia have turned values and common sense on their heads. And they revel in it, parading their pseudo-intellectualism as enlightenment. They've become caricatures. History will judge them accordingly. 

And I so love this quote:
Thomas said he learned this from his grandfather, who taught him to revere "duty, honor [and] country" even though he was raised in a racially-segregated society. "He knew that though not nearly perfect, our constitutional ideals were perfectible if we worked to protect them rather than to undermine them," the justice said. "Don't discard that which is precious along with that which is tainted."
So simple, yet so timely and profound. 

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