04 June 2016

Confederate Flags "Selling Like Crack"

And  one of the biggest sellers is a Yankee.

Oh my, the irony.
Seller Paul Riley, who operated the eBay account transfusioncincy out of his home in Cincinnati, Ohio, told Vocativ that he recognized he was playing with fire selling the contraband flags on the site. “There is a risk involved in selling this item on eBay, but at the end of the day I’m a single father of 3 trying to make a living with at home retail so I am going to do what I have to do to keep the lights on,” he said in an email.

He said he didn’t view the flag as a racist symbol, but simply as a symbol for “a group of people that was rebelling against the government.” Regardless, Riley said the flags were “selling like crack” despite the ban: he said he cleared almost $20,000 in flag sales in 2015, and about $1,000 so far this year.


Robert Marshall said...

Where is he getting them? More importantly, how is he getting away with selling them? The memory and the stubbornness of the Confederacy will never die.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

"Where is he getting them?" Probably China. ;-)

Seriously, there is still a hot market for Confederate flags. Here's an American company that makes/sells them:


"More importantly, how is he getting away with selling them?"

Not sure about that.