02 June 2016

Hypocrites in Academia

Thought for the day: Academia has long preached tolerance for leftist ideologies - until those views became dominant and now they preach obedience to those ideologies and shut down debate and opposition. Why? Because those ideologies can't be intellectually defended. Allowing free and open debate would expose them for what they are. And, in the rare event they are opposed, they've taught their students to retreat to their safe space.

What absolute hypocrites.

And in related news:
“Leftists have killed Traditional Liberalism on American campuses.  This new hyper form of Political Correctness has transformed college students into petulant 6 year olds who, when challenged with an opposing point of view, throw temper tantrums or lock themselves in their rooms to suck their thumbs, “ said Mitchell Stern, UCI College Republican Treasurer

Yet we still have academic history bloggers poo-pooing the reality of PC. Why? Because its part of their own intellectual "safe space." LOL.

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Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

If you're going to comment on posts, please keep those comments germane.

Unknown said...

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