27 June 2016

More Political Correctness in Academia

As I like to often remind readers, there are a couple of Civil War bloggers who like to poo-poo the reality of political correctness.  These two fellas have their heads in the sand (or perhaps a convenient body orifice) but it's easy to understand their denials: they live and breathe in academic circles so they've built up an intellectual immunity to PC. Of course, exposing PC also interferes with their agenda, so they MUST deny it's existence or, at the very least, downplay it's impact. They're actually convinced they're convincing others.

But here's the latest news from academia and the PC control freaks:
At the University of North Carolina, it’s not just the students walking on politically correct eggshells. Guidelines issued on the university’s Employee Forum aim to help staff avoid microaggressions in their interactions by cautioning against offensive phrases such as “Christmas vacation,” “husband/boyfriend” and “golf outing.”
But let's get to the nut of the matter:
The Chapel Hill campus is not alone in its attempt to quell microaggressions, which ostensibly are defined as unintentional slights directed toward vulnerable groups. However, “microaggressions” often carry political implications and serve as a pretext for silencing political dissent on college campuses. At an event last year titled “Managing Microaggressions,” students at the University of Virginia said identifying oneself as an “American” is a microaggression. Students at the University of Wisconsin last year said calling America a “melting pot” or the “land of opportunity” is microaggressive.
Yes, yes one can see a correlation with the current "moral reformer" historian crowd, can't one?

More here.

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