27 June 2016

Writing for People "Who Just Get It" About the South

And few do it better than Southern Living writer, Rick Bragg. He's a master and he truly "gets it." I've identified myself as a "Southern Writer" for years and I'm so proud to be able to claim that mantle. I'm no Rick Bragg, but I do "get it."

My wife and I have been SL subscribers for years and Bragg's writing alone makes it worth the subscription price. Another of my favorites is Garden & Gun Magazine. Think of G&G as 
Southern Living with a healthy dose of testosterone.
"I've been explaining myself for a long time, and I'm not doin' it anymore." ~ Rick Bragg

I hear you brother, I hear you.

Investing 3 minutes to watch Bragg's remarks here is worth your time, in my opinion; especially if you need some help "gettin' it." And trust me, a number of my readers do.
(Here's the link if the video does not load.)


Jubilo said...

Dear Old Dom.,

Enjoyable video. Much of what he's speaks of is of course just "American," and not regional and sweet tea is a substandard beverage.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Hello ol' Jub -

"Much of what he's speaks of is of course just "American," and not regional"

Yes, I agree, though I would maintain the sentiments expressed by Bragg seem to be more prevalent and more deeply rooted below the Mason Dixon.

"sweet tea is a substandard beverage."

Blasphemy, Sir, blasphemy!