29 June 2016

Yankee Land Has Its Issues

The 24/7 Wall St. website recently ranked the 50 worse cities to live in, based on a number of factors. When ranking Boston at #47, I found this stat rather interesting:
With some of the world’s largest research institutions and universities, which attract top talent from around the world, the city’s population is also very well educated. Close to half of Boston adults have at least a bachelor’s degree, one of the highest college attainment rates of any U.S. city. Despite the high level of education, incomes in Boston are relatively low, . . . Many of those working in the city’s high paying jobs likely live in Boston’s more prosperous, surrounding suburban areas such as Brookline and Cambridge.
Based on what we're told by those in academia, shouldn't Boston be ranked near the top? After all they are, ostensibly, some of the smartest folks in the country since they have, "one of the highest college attainment rates of any U.S. city."

What am I missing here?


Eddie said...

Quite a preponderance of Yankeeland cities.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Yes, I noticed that. Explains why so many move South. I just wish they'd understand the reasons for our superior culture. ;-)