29 August 2016

Education is NOT Rocket Science

Even though the "experts" in Big Education would like for you to believe it is. Why? 3 *reasons, primarily:
  1. Control
  2. Job security
  3. They've been brainwashed into believing it is. Why? See #'s 1 and 2.
A recent article at The Imaginative Conservative explains why education is not rocket science. So simple, yet so profound, which is why homeschooling is so amazingly successful:
One of my favorite professors in graduate school grew up on his grandfather’s farm in Saskatchewan, back in the days when a wheat farmer would spend long hours behind the plow. He told us that his grandfather’s neighbor spent those hazy hours sometimes reciting Milton’s Paradise Lost.  He had gotten it by heart. Notice what great difference there is between the phrases “learning by rote” and “getting something by heart”? You cannot do such a thing without considerable intelligence and love.
This is, in part, why the Founders of our nation were so much wiser and intelligent than most moderns, elites and members of academia are today. The agrarian lifestyle gave them a perspective (and time to contemplate it) that most moderns simply do not comprehend. It is also why the Founders are under attack by their inferiors in academia. They're jealous. Agrarian or not, the same method of learning is, of course, still available - if you can cut through all the PC idiocy and nonsense coming from the "experts."

And this . . .
Read good books to the children, have them read them also to you, and have them read them on their own. . . . The Good Books are food for a wholesome imagination. They are well-written. They introduce young people to characters they will never forget. They soar beyond easy cynicism or nihilism. They soar beyond the sweaty halls of politics. They may well have villains in them, there may be warfare, but there will not be the creepy relish for bloodshed—no itch for the base, the sick, the bizarre, the filthy, the evil. No girly vampires.
And this one will drive the moderns and elitists up the wall . . .
Find textbooks written before 1950—grammar, history, even geography. Then surround young people with beauty and goodness. It is not like going to the moon. It is like looking up at the stars. But will your students be ambushed by the detestable standardized tests? Do not fear. Do not let the confidence men and elixir salesmen fool you. Homeschoolers regularly take those tests apart . . .
And finally, this gem . . .
The superintendent has no clothes. The commissars of the Common Core have no clothes. The developers of curricula have no clothes. They are all a great big herd of balding and belly-sagging naked people, swaggering and blustering and ordering everybody around. 
You may read the rest here. The piece is authored by Anthony Esolen who teaches Renaissance English Literature and the Development of Western Civilization at Providence College. 

*Once again, to be clear, I'm speaking in broad terms and realize there are still many good, hard working, dedicated teachers who do not buy into all the PC garbage and control freak aspects of what we're seeing among many other educators. I do believe, however, that the problems are prevalent and it's an uphill battle.

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