31 August 2016

PC Deniers Are Flat-Earthers: Part 2

For those who may still be on the fence about PC's reality, particularly on college campuses, I offer:
  • Man is stopped from praying at Clemson University because "this is not a designated a free speech area." Yeah, we know. Video here.
  • And then we have some example "trigger warnings" provided to us by a student of Barnard College who is critical of such idiocy. One "trigger warning" is the U.S. Constitution. Now that one certainly fits the agenda, doesn't it?
By the way, isn't the term "trigger warning" itself problematic? I mean, after all, the phrase does contain the word "trigger" which could cause feelings of anxiety and oppression in the minds of some snowflakes in academia since "trigger" will conjure up images of guns, the 2nd amendment and the Wild, Wild West.

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