08 August 2016

The Blog Whose Name Must Not Be Mentioned - 2nd Edition


For a classic (almost scary) example of projection, I would refer readers to the latest comment from the original post, beginning with "I just quote 'em." Oh my, where does one begin? Why would an esteemed Civil War scholar and university professor with a Ph.D. in history obsess over a little ol' college dropout blogger like me? Has he become bored with constantly criticizing those two Confederate flag-waving chicks all over the internet? Do I, a college dropout with "limited readership", provide him with a new intellectual challenge and exercise? I'm flattered. (I think.) Yes, I do have limited readership. Though with the good professor's frequent visits of late, my hit count has been going up at a rather brisk pace.

So yes, I do believe that any objective reader would have to come to the conclusion that I have indeed "struck a nerve." But I've not really responded to the professor's accusatory remarks. That too gets under his skin. He's not really worth the time. Read his blog, you'll understand. But I will take this occasion to respond to two of his remarks just to provide an example of the falsehoods and incoherence. 

First, he suggests that the Virginia Flaggers are my "buddies." (Folks like the good professor love to play guilt by association--even when there is no association.) As I've noted before on this blog, I am of the opinion that the Virginia Flaggeres are, as a group, buffoonish, embarrassing and ignorant. Though some of them may have their hearts in the right place in protesting political correctness, they have their heads inserted (in similar fashion to the accusing blogger) in a body orifice that prevents them from seeing much beyond their own innards--metaphorically speaking, of course. (The accusing blogger's head is much too large for inserting in just about anything.)

Secondly, the professor makes the following accusation:
In short, someone who complains that certain blogs are partisan forums without admitting that his blog is indeed slanted for political and philosophical reasons is something of a hypocrite who lacks integrity. But did we really expect anything else? [Emphasis mine.]
Any of my "limited readership" would know that if there's anything I'm very open about and  have admitted, it's my own political and philosophical leanings and bias. As a matter of fact, the following quote appears in the footer of every page on my blog:
From Virginia sprung the Southern Mind, a mind which favoured the local community, Burkean conservatism, the folkways of ancestors, an unwavering orthodox Christian faith. ~ Alphonse Vinh
And, when reading the "about your host" page, you'll see (in referring to yours truly): 
He uses this blog to share his passion for history and to celebrate and defend the "permanent things." 
I would venture to say, that just these two examples shatter his silly accusation of "not admitting" my philosophical leanings. He should admit he has no idea what he's talking about.
But those two examples are not the most revealing example of this ignorant, false accusation on the part of the professor. His own words are even more damning in exposing the false charge of "not admitting" my own biases. I suppose he forgot he posted the following on July 16th in referring to me admitting my biases:
But one must look elsewhere for a far more interesting admission:
So he specifically points out that I make an "interesting admission", then follows with a quote from what I wrote in my latest book about my own biases:
. . . While connections to subjects and events can be a stumbling block when attempting to write objectively about those same topics, they can also serve as motivations—even giving keen insight and unique perspective attainable no other way. It certainly motivates me.
So which is it professor? Your July 16th accusation of my "interesting admission" about my biases or your more recent post where you accuse me of of not admitting my biases? I wish you success as you argue with yourself.

End of update
I must have struck a nerve. Someone comes off as a bit insecure, wouldn't you say? LOL.

And, in regards to referring to the American Civil War as "the War Between the States", I would refer the ignorant here.

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