24 August 2016

The Politics of Our Military

A new poll shows that members of the U.S. military overwhelmingly support presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump over Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton.
Given the traditionally conservative makeup of the military, this is not really surprising. Though I have to believe that Trump's anti-interventionist, "America first" positions have to be rather attractive to soldiers who have been in a perpetual war since 2001.


And in related news, the Military Times just profiled Trump's new campaign manager (and Breitbart News's Executive Chairman), Stephen K. Bannon referring to the the former Naval Officer (and fellow Virginian) as "a pretty extraordinary guy."
“When he was on the [Naval operations] staff, he attended, at night, Georgetown University, studying international affairs, and he got a master's degree there,” Masso said. “This guy was amazing. How many people have a busy, 12-hour job at the Pentagon and then go to Georgetown University at night? To me, that says a lot about this guy.” 
More here.

And Wikipedia notes the following:
Speaking about his role at Breitbart, Bannon said: "We think of ourselves as virulently anti-establishment, particularly 'anti-' the permanent political class." Bannon's daughter, Maureen, is a West Point graduate and, as of October 2015, a lieutenant in the 101st Airborne Division. 
Stephen Bannon also holds an M.B.A. from Harvard. I can already hear the gnashing of teeth. It's music to my ears.

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