22 September 2016

PC Deniers Are Flat-Earthers: Part 5

Professor Daniel Jacobson, who teaches philosophy at the University of Michigan, has written an excellent essay at the Cato Institute's website about the attack on free speech on American college campuses. While Jacobson does not specifically mention the term "political correctness" it is, of course, part of the tactic limiting free speech. 

A few of the money quotes from Jacobson's piece:
Many academics now consider freedom of speech just another American eccentricity, like guns and religion. What they call free speech fundamentalism is misguided at best, in their view, and an embarrassment before our more sophisticated European counterparts.
And . . .
In considering this phenomenon, note that academia is now overwhelmingly dominated by progressives and other leftists, many of whom are not only skeptical of freedom of speech but intolerant of dissenting opinion.
And . . .
Academic freedom, too, is now championed primarily as a matter of guild privilege, in defense of an activist pedagogy that promotes political orthodoxy and does not shrink from stifling dissent.
And . . .
The great irony at the heart of the current attack on freedom of speech in academia is that the antagonists of free speech claim to be defending the victimized when, in fact, they are the oppressors.  
And . . .
What is more, such intolerance creates an incentive for hypersensitivity, since it empowers campus activists—again exclusively leftist activists—to suppress dissent. . . . This movement encourages the cultivation of intellectual vices that are antithetical to an intellectually diverse society by granting power to the thin-skinned and the hotheaded—or at any rate to those most ready to claim injury or to threaten violence. And it does so subversively, by pretending to enforce norms of civility and tolerance, while doing violence to the classically liberal ideals of a freethinking and intellectually diverse university.
[All emphasis mine.]

A devastating knockout punch to the flat-earthers.

Read the rest here.

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