19 September 2016

Should Public School Teachers Do This?

When I first began discussing the dismal state of the American education establishment on this blog, several academics and educators routinely poo-pooed that there was a real problem. Some, revealing either their ignorance or complicity, still do. They used to come here and do it - until their argument was shown to be demonstrably absurd. Some of these folks were especially loud about denying the politicization at the K-12 level. If nothing else, the last few years has, for the most part, sent the deniers slinking back to their safe-spaces. Here's the latest:
Teachers at a public elementary school in Seattle plan to wear Black Lives Matter t-shirts to school on Friday, Sept. 16 to show their support for the movement.
If that's ok, what about if these same teachers all decided to wear "Unborn Lives Matter" t-shirts to school in order to "show their support" for that movement? Would that be tolerated? We know the answer and we also know that the children in these schools are being indoctrinated with a particular political viewpoint.

Go ahead, keep denying it.


Eddie said...

I noticed that the planned shirt wearing event was cancelled due to threats received. Am waiting for some Southerners to be identified as the source of the threats, since all racism and hostility originates from white Southerners.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

I hope they catch anyone making threats of violence against these teachers. As wrong as the t-shirt wearing is, threats are totally unacceptable and they should be prosecuted. If I had a child in that school, I'd simply pull them out and homeschool or, find a willing teacher to wear the shirt I mentioned.

Champ said...

I guess wearing a BLM t-shirt is a bad thing only if you think BLM is a bad thing.

Ralph Steel said...

I imagine wearing an "Unborn Lives Matter" shirt will get you the same ridicule as wearing a BLM shirt. At least here at OVB it will.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Not exactly, but close. A public school classroom is not the appropriate venue for that kind of thing - either example. That being said, if the BLM thing is ok, then the "Unborn Live Matter" would be as well or even, "Save the Whales" or "Man-Made Global Warming is a Hoax." Right?

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

"I guess wearing a BLM t-shirt is a bad thing only if you think BLM is a bad thing."

I guess wearing an "Unborn Lives Matter" is a bad thing only if you think ULM is a bad thing.

That's a rather silly, logical fallacy Champ. My 15 year-old granddaughter can do better than that. Try to bring your A game when commenting here.