15 September 2016

Trump & Old White Men

Off topic a bit, but not too much. If you read Civil War & History blogs, you've invariably noticed that many of the comments in the posts quickly devolve into Trump bashing and "old white men" being the source of all evil on the planet. The hate directed at this demo is palpable on these blogs. With that in mind, I came across a piece today which discusses how an LA Times reporter was "stunned by the diversity of volunteers who are committed to seeing him win the Golden State and the presidency."
“It was as if the whole thing had been staged, in Cambodia Town, no less, to belie the notion that Trump’s appeal is largely limited to older white males,” the Times‘s Steve Lopez wrote.
And this:
Gary Fultheim, the Jewish man who is also part-owner of the building that Trump’s HQ is located in, reportedly said one of the main reasons he is voting Trump for president is because he believes Trump will do a better job of protecting Israel from Iran than the Democrats will.

The "protecting Israel" comment is interesting to note; particularly when you understand the growing anti-semitism in academia and the intellectual support it's getting in a growing number of American universities and colleges. I find that trend deplorable, don't you?


Anonymous said...

Very troubling. I follow that too. Not so far in my college in Florida but it being so PC I am just waiting for something like that.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

It is troubling. So is the fact we still have folks who deny PC is a reality.

Champ said...

So by posting from Breitbart and defending Trump are you telling your readers that you agree with the Alt-Right?

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

So by asking a leading question, are you telling folks here you agree with the Alt-Left? I really don't have time for your shallow, immature trolling.