31 October 2016

American Version of the Taliban?

The Buddhas of Bamiyan Destroyed by the Taliban
"The Taliban destroyed statues of Buddha in Afghanistan, and ISIS has razed ancient cities to the ground in Syria, because they have learned to use their grievances to justify claims of absolute moral truth, in order to impose totalitarian control on the world around them, including the relics of the past. Exactly the same thing is happening when Princeton University students demand that Woodrow Wilson be effaced from the campus to which he contributed so much, because he happened to be a man of his time and not theirs. Those students think they’re being socially conscious. In fact, they are just a high-tech American version of the Taliban." ~ Mario Loyola, National Review Contributing editor

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Eddie said...

The same sentiments regarding removals of statues of Jefferson Davis, Robert E Lee, etc. Men with qualities to be studied and emulated, not effaced from history.