29 October 2016

Justice Clarence Thomas Understands "Sense of Place"

As revealed in some recent comments:
the justice reflected on his friendship with Scalia and how, despite their very different upbringings, they agreed ideologically on major issues. "He was from the north, and I was from the south, but we wound up at the same place," he said, according to USA Today. Even the things they disagreed on — like hunting and opera — did not weaken his trust with Scalia, he said.
Yes, despite what many ruling class elites like to admit, where you're from impacts your perspectives--which is why they hate (and want to change) the South. And before you type that eye-rolling, angry response which is, at this very moment, forming in your closed mind, consider the observation of one of your own:
. . . the Confederacy is to this day the greatest conservative resistance to federal authority in American history ~ Professor David Blight

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