28 October 2016

Update On the Smithsonian's Discrimination

More blacks are speaking out about the Smithsonian Institute's discriminating against conservative African-Americans:
“This is not about race; it’s about rewriting history and burying the truth about black success,” Peterson said. “White liberals are allowed to discriminate against black conservatives and diminish their accomplishments.”

“The people in charge of the museum are not interested in portraying history accurately,” he said. “They only care about advancing a liberal Democratic political agenda that reinforces the lie that black Americans cannot succeed without government programs.”

Of course, this type of PC shenanigans coming from the Smithsonian aren't new. The following is from the New York Times, 9/30/94:
After months of criticism by veterans groups and members of Congress, the Smithsonian Institution has agreed to make major changes in its planned exhibit of the airplane that dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima.
The exhibit featuring the B-29 bomber, the Enola Gay, will no longer include a long section on the postwar nuclear race that veterans groups and members of Congress had criticized. The critics said that the discussion did not belong in the exhibit and was part of a politically loaded message that the dropping of the atomic bomb on Japan began a dark chapter in human history.
PC deniers are flat-earthers. But we know it's not really about history, it's about advancing their agenda. 

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