31 January 2017

History: Logic vs Emotion

I couldn't help but chuckle when reading a recent blog post over a discussion (once again) about the removal of a Confederate monument. The vast majority of the comments were, as is normally the case, a classic example of PC Groupthink. When one individual attempted to appeal to logic, i.e., if you're going to remove Confederate monuments over the connection to slavery, then 99% of all monuments to early 20th century and earlier Americans have to go as well. Why? Because logic dictates that none of them can withstand the scrutiny of our modern moral reformers now posing as historians.

But appealing to logic with the PC Groupthink crowd is an exercise in futility. Their actions and motivations are not (for the most part) supported by logic. They're driven by emotions. It's all about how they "feel" about certain topics. Logic is irrelevant. It's about feelings and political agendas. 

It's the same mindset driving the juvenile "trigger warnings" and "safe spaces" on college campuses. It really is like arguing with children. 

Save your breath.

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