30 January 2017

National Review Follows My Lead on California Secession?

Update: While some Californians are channeling Jeff Davis, others are taking a more moderate position: They're channeling John Calhoun. Will we hear condemnation and cries of "extremists" from the Civil War blogosphere? I doubt it. Hypocrites.

End of update. 

Well, maybe. As I noted in my previous post here:
Y'all remember all of the hullabaloo over the discussion of secession by Texans a few years ago? Sure you do. The Fake Civil War Historians in the blogosphere got their panties all knotted up, calling the Texans "extremists, neo-Confederates", blah, blah, blah. It was the perfect opportunity for the Fake Historians to advance their preferred narrative about Southerners.
But you've not heard a peep out of them over what is apparently a much more serious threat of secession by the citizens of California. Gee, I wonder why? Could it be that it's because these Fake Historians share the same ideology as their soul-mates in California? Could it be because Californians aren't part of the South?
Now, National Review says something very similar:
Liberals used to hate secession, the notion that states could leave the Union as they did before the Civil War because they didn’t agree with the policies of the federal government. But with Donald Trump’s election, many California liberals suddenly have warm words for a budding ballot initiative that has just begun collecting signatures in order to place secession, or “Calexit,” on the ballot. At the height of the tea-party movement, Texas governor Rick Perry merely hinted at the thought that Texas might react to President Obama’s executive overreach by reclaiming its one-time status as an independent republic. He was denounced as something akin to a traitor; critics lamented that he wanted to return Texas to the era of sharecroppers or Jim Crow.
Note, too, that NR is tying the California effort to the Jim Crow South:
Some of their rhetoric resembles that of the “massive resistance” movement in the 1950s South, which vowed to fight federal intrusion into the right of states to run their own discriminatory elections, segregate public schools, and ignore federal law enforcement.
I wonder how it feels to have the tables so effectively turned on you? Note, again, that the Fake History Civil War bloggers remain silent about California's Jeff Davis Fever. 
What's so funny is the former accusatory hand-wringers (suddenly converted to "radical" secessionists") seem to be blind to the glaring hypocrisy. But those of us who have been following these faux historians, academics, big government pols and pseudo-intellectuals are not at all surprised. They're hypocrites, plain and simple. 

Grab some popcorn, this should be good.


Eddie said...

"The principle for which we contended is bound to reassert itself, though it may be at another time and in another form. - Jefferson Davis

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Prophetic. California: The reincarnation of Jeff Davis. LOL.