05 February 2017

Another Great Shenandoah Valley Video

This video likely will not mean a whole lot to those not from or connected to the Shenandoah Valley in some way. But for the rest of you . . .  Much of the footage was shot just a few miles south of my home.


Robert Hawkins said...

I always enjoy your items like this, and your obvious love and pride in your home area. My Hawkins ancestors were Shenandoah County (Winchester and elsewhere, and Hawkinstown was founded by a cousin long after my direct ancestor had moved on towards Missouri in the 1810s), and my "Stone Church" Bell ancestors were spread across Augusta and Rockbridge Counties together with Matthews, McCurdy and Hunter ancestors spread all the way down to Boutetort County. I always get a feeling of coming home whenever I am there, something I think was instilled in me by my grandmother, born and reared in Goshen, and went home to see family almost every summer.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Thanks Robert. You indeed have a goodly heritage. It's strange how the homes of our ancestors often feel like "coming home." I grew up in Augusta County and, of course, feel most at home here. However, a number of ancestors came from Nelson County, just across the Blue Ridge and I get that same "coming home" feeling whenever I'm over that way.