12 February 2017

"Great Americans in Their Day"

". . . the Democratic Party, over the past five or six years has moved very far to the left. When you can’t have a Jefferson-Jackson dinner which was the primary celebratory event of the Democratic Party for years because Jefferson and Jackson were slaveholders they were also great Americans in their day, something different has happened to the Democratic Party." ~ former Virginia Senator James Webb
I've often wondered if, at some point in the future, Americans come to view abortion on demand as abhorrently as we now view slavery, will those individuals and politicians who today support abortion, be as disdained and ostracized as slaveholders are today? In repeating Webb's observation as a question; will "something different" happen to the Democratic Party in the future, as it's happened in the past?

Just asking. 


Eddie said...

From the way things are going it will be those who do not support abortion on demand who will be viewed abhorrently.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

I don't think so. Not in the long run. There will ultimately come a day when they will be viewed with similar horror.