23 February 2017

Relic Hunting Post #147: Confederate Trenches at Petersburg

Last November, I had the opportunity to do some relic hunting in and around the Confederate trenches (on private property) near Petersburg, Virginia. I have a short video from that hunt that I'll complete sometime soon. But, in the mean time, I thought I'd share this particular find. I'm relatively sure it's part of a leg from a tent/camp stove. It's definitely period and I found it in the bottom of a trench. It's also from a less common type of stove. There were also burnt period bricks nearby. Before and after my preservation efforts are shown below.

The more common tent stoves were fashioned like the Sibley stove below. 

But other styles have been recovered in both Union and Confederate camps, like the more ornate one below from Howard Crouch's, Civil War artifacts: A guide for the historian.


Jine said...

That was a great find in a very "unique" event, at least I never expected to be digging in the impressive earthworks of Petersburg.Good job on the restoration and research!

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Thanks Doug - it was indeed!