21 March 2017

Battle of Waynesboro Bayonet Preservation Efforts

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by someone at the Waynesboro [VA] Heritage Foundation Museum and informed that they had recently received some donated items related to the Battle of Waynesboro. Two of those items were bayonets that had been dug by a relic hunter a number of years ago. The person contacting me thought I'd like to see them before they were put up and "stored." Of course, I stopped by to take a look. The two bayonets had not been preserved and were deteriorating badly due to oxidation/rust. As I serve on the WHF's board, I offered to do what I could to preserve what was left of the bayonets. I've finished the first bayonet. All the rust has been removed and the piece preserved and sealed to prevent further deterioration. Here are some before (first 3 photos) and after (last 3) photos.

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