16 March 2017

More Historical Hypocrisy

Y'all remember all the Fake News charges against the Tea Party over supposed threats and violence by Tea Party supporters and members? Sure you do. The "history" blogs pretty much marched in groupthink lockstep in their regular denunciations and charges of bigotry, racism, Nazism, blah, blah, blah. Supposedly, the Tea Party uprising was motivated by hatred for President Obama. The media dutifully fanned the flames often referring to the Tea Party as "neo-Confederates." Gee, I wonder where they got that term from?

Of course, since then, we've learned that when it comes to those types of charges regarding politically motivated groups, the real violence emanates from the left, not the right. Even the news website, The Hill, has pointed out the double standard in a rather scathing op-ed piece this morning. Here's a few excerpts:
Turn on TV or browse your newsfeeds on social media, and you will be bombarded with polemics about the sky falling and credible threats of violence against conservative figures. . . . And yet, when it comes to this constant flow of threats, there seems to be little outrage from the nation’s leading journalists and pundits. . . . Social media shines almost every day with a new dimwitted threat against Trump and his presidency. “Comedienne” Sarah Silverman called for a military coup. Madonna told protesters she “thought” about blowing up the White House. Violence seems to break out every time a conservative comes to speak at a college campus. Rosie O’Donnell talks about “stopping” Trump on Twitter.
And NO OUTRAGE from the historians moral reformers who were frequent pom-pom girls for Obama. 
Every time a threatening, disrespectful, or unflattering comment was made about the former president, a national shaming storm sprung up. A staffer for an obscure congressman was forced to resign after stating that Obama’s daughters don’t show enough "class." Ex-congressman Joe Walsh was slammed in nearly every major outlet after he tweeted, “This is now war. Watch out Obama,” after five cops were fatally shot in Dallas. Even Tea Partiers were regularly called neo-Confederates
This is just further evidence that the leftists in the media and the leftists in the history blogosphere and on college campuses today are simply two sides of the same coin; which is why their influence continues to erode with each passing day.

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