09 March 2017

Rescuing the Lost Hinterland - Rise of the Forgotten Man

Against all odds . . .

To the *losers of globalization, the half-employed, and the hopelessly deplorable and irredeemable, lectures from the Republican establishment about reductions in capital-gain taxes, more free-trade agreements, and de facto amnesties, were never going to win the Electoral College the way that Trump did when he used the plural personal pronoun (“We love our miners, farmers, vets”) and promised to jawbone industries to help rust-belt workers. The final irony? The supposedly narcissistic and self-absorbed Trump ran a campaign that addressed in undeniably sincere fashion the dilemmas of a lost hinterland. And he did so after supposedly more moral Republicans had all but written off the rubes as either politically irrelevant or beyond the hope of salvation in a globalized world. How a brutal Manhattan developer, who thrived on self-centered controversy and even scandal, proved singularly empathetic to millions of the forgotten is apparently still not fully understood. ~ Victor Davis Hanson
*Just to add my thoughts; I would define the "losers" (generally) as Hollywood leftists, government bureaucrats, establishment Republicans, government-loving Fake News journalists and most in academia. How utterly delightful. Poetic justice is a beautiful thing to behold.

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