31 March 2017

Should College Students Sue Their Professors Over Disagreements?

In the vast majority of cases when there are disagreements, of course not. However . . . 
Marshall Polston, the Christian conservative student who was suspended from Rollins College after challenging his Muslim professor’s attacks on Christianity, has been reinstated. After a weeklong [sic] battle against “unfounded allegations” that Polston was threatening his professor Areej Zufari, Polston’s lawyer said the college should investigate wherever Zufari should remain at the school at all, given her “malicious assassination” of his character.
The professor might want to seek legal advice:
The student is weighing legal options against his professor. “You know, Ronald Reagan had a saying,” Polston said. “‘If you can’t make em see the light, make em feel the heat,’ and I think we need to make this teacher feel the heat.”
Maybe Rollins should require their professor to wear body cams/mics?

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Eamon Kelly said...

The professor AND the school should be lawyering up right about now.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...