21 April 2017

Experts: Wizards of Oz

Victor Davis Hanson expertly (pun intended) points out that the emperor has no clothes. Many of the "Wizards of Smart" (experts) in America today are really the "Wizards of Oz" - all drama and bluster but, in reality, just little, small-minded figures hiding behind a phony curtain of credentials pulling the levers of power with little of any value to show for their efforts.

As one of the favorite clipping services in the blogosphere, I offer the following excerpts from Dr. Hanson's piece for contemplation:
Elitism sometimes seems predicated on being branded with the proper degrees. But when universities embrace a therapeutic curriculum and politically correct indoctrination, how can a costly university degree guarantee knowledge or inductive thinking? [Answer: It can't.]
And . . .
The public no longer believes that privilege and influence should be predicated on titles, brands, and buzz, rather than on demonstrable knowledge and proven character. The idea that brilliance can be manifested in trade skills or retail sales, or courage expressed by dealing with the hardship of factory work, or character found on an Indiana farm, is foreign to the Washington Beltway, Hollywood, and Silicon Valley [and much of academia].
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