22 April 2017

President Buchanan?

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For some fascinating insight into the history and thoughts of one of the most influential political writers and thinkers of the last 50 years, I'd highly recommend a recent piece about Patrick J. Buchanan appearing in Politico Magazine. I've followed Pat closely since the 1980's and his days on Crossfire. I found this excerpt from the Politico piece particularly interesting:
Buchanan has had plenty of titles over the years, from spokesman to candidate, but his favorite is historian. He cherishes history not just for its drama but for the lessons bequeathed and the parallels he can extract: the seductive appeal of populism, the rising tide of nationalism, the similarities between the current president and the two he worked closely alongside. Above all, Buchanan loves history because, in his mind, it contains our civilizational apex; he treasures the past because he is convinced that his beloved country, these United States, will never again approach the particular kind of glory it held for a middle-class family in the postwar years.
You may read the Politico piece here.


Jubilo said...

Dear Old Dom.,
Thanks for posting this article on good old Pat. I have enjoyed his writing over the years but have kept in mind his was political and in show-biz as well. Thank you sir.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Hello David. Yes, it's a great piece, isn't it? I absolutely love the photograph. Iconic!! Yes, political and show biz, but he's the real deal. I met him once and got his autograph on something he wrote. He's a fascinating man and a great American.