10 May 2017

New Old Virginia Diggers Intro

The apps and software available to individuals to express themselves, share knowledge and, in other ways, be creative these days is simply amazing. From blogging, to self-publishing to creating video, anyone with basic PC knowledge and an idea can create professionally. I've recently discovered 3 such products:

1. Wondershare's Filmora for video production and editing.
2. Canva for creating everything from logos to social media icons to posters.
3. Ivipid for creating Hollywood like intros for film projects.

Here's my latest attempt at being creative and using some of this software in producing an intro for my relic hunting/history related videos:


Ernest D'Agrosa Jr. said...

Ooh, fancy. Just like a History Channel show...if the History Channel still did history. Seriously though, looks good. ;-)

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Thanks Ernest!