12 May 2017

Relic Hunting Post #153 - Obsession

Courtesy of Relic Record . . .

9 Warning Signs That Your Civil War Relic Collecting Has Become an Obsession. 

Me: #1 and #6.

#1: The walls in your home have become less visible due to all of the Civil War related items you’ve covered them with.

When you first moved into your home, your walls were painted a beautiful neutral satin color. Now curio cabinets, Riker cases, custom built shelving, and monstrous Mort Kunstler paintings depicting the entire Peninsula Campaign cover every square inch. You’re now debating on what to do with the ceiling.

#6: Friends and family who don’t understand your hobby have disappeared. As a result, the increased isolation has caused you to spend even more time immersed in your collection.

Your closest friends and family have abandoned you. No matter how many times you’ve tried to explain that your Civil War artillery collection has been rendered safe, they still consider you a danger to yourself and society… and your dog Stonewall, Bedford, Ulysses, or General Lee.
 My wife would definitely concur.

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