28 June 2017

New Way To Hate The Confederacy: Grave Desecration

Confederate memorial in Maplewood Cemetery, Durham, NC
Reports that the anti-fascist [sic] group Antifa plans to burn Confederate flags and desecrate graves have prompted calls on social media for other groups to gather in Gettysburg to counter those protesters. [Source.]
Sounds like a great event to take your family to for an outing, huh?

I wonder if this kind of thing will spread to other National Parks and monuments? Violence and criminal vandalism. Should be great for increasing visitation numbers, right? Just what the NPS needs. 

"Hey honey, wanna take the kids to Gettysburg this weekend and watch protestors burn flags and desecrate graves? I hear the weather is going to be great!"

Actually, this is nothing new

The radical left, with "intellectual" cover being provided by moral reformer historians, can't even let the dead rest in peace.  

And criminal vandalism against other types of monuments is spreading.


Anonymous said...

Sad and disrespectful.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

But no surprise.

Eddie said...

One of those groups will eventually touch off some counter violence. It is not going to be pretty.