14 June 2017

The Shenandoah Valley Battlefield Foundation & Common Sense

Part of their public statement on the Charlottesville controversy:
The SVBF has been extremely concerned about the recent removals of historic monuments.  The SVBF does not support the wholesale eradication or removal of plaques, statues, monuments, place names, and other public honors associated with the history and heritage of the United States.  Monuments are, and always have been, important parts of commemorating, memorializing, and telling the story of the Americans – Union and Confederate soldiers, free and enslaved civilians – who lived through the tumultuous Civil War era.

“As an organization established to protect and promote our nation’s Civil War history, we do not support the recent removal of Civil War-related monuments across the nation,” said Keven Walker, Chief Executive Officer of the National Historic District.  “But there is no place in this discussion for the KKK and their fearmongering.  And no place for anyone else who wants to spread hate and promote division.”
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