24 August 2017

H.L. Hunley Mystery Solved?

Researchers from Duke University have come up with a fascinating theory on the death of the Hunley Crew:
  • The HL Hunley submarine fought for the confederacy and was sunk in 1864
  • It was raised from the bottom of the ocean in 2000 with its eight members of crew still aboard
  • Experts studying the submarine believe a condition called 'blast lung' was responsible for their deaths
  • The force of the torpedo's explosion would have travelled through soft tissue in their bodies
  • They calculate the chance of fatal lung trauma to be at least 85 per cent
More here.

In 2004, there was a memorial service for the Hunley's Virginia crew member, Frank Collins, at the Virginia State Capitol in Richmond. Three of my daughters had the privilege of singing at the service. And just in case you've never seen it, I'd highly recommend this:

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