09 September 2017

Majority of Americans Oppose Removing Confederate Monuments

If you read many of the sophmoric advocacy posts on some Civil War related blogs and websites, you'll get the distinct impression that most Americans are completely on board with the anti-Confederate monument feeding frenzy. Nothing could be further from the truth. Consider the results noted in a recent Reuters/IPSOS poll:
"A majority of Americans think Confederate monuments should be preserved in public spaces, according to a Reuters/Ipsos opinion poll, a view that is at odds with efforts in many cities to remove them."
It is also a view "that is at odds" with many academic historians and politicians. Of course, that's nothing new.
"The Aug. 18-21 poll found that 54 percent of adults said Confederate monuments “should remain in all public spaces” while 27 percent said they 'should be removed from all public spaces.' Another 19 percent said they 'don’t know.'"
And there was another poll which came up with even more favorable results for Confederate monuments. A NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll that . . .
"asked voters if Confederate statues should remain or be removed. Sixty-two percent of the poll’s participants said that the statues should remain. Only 27 percent of the participants believe the statues should be removed."
"Only 27 percent . . . believe the statues should be removed." Not even 1/3 of those polled.

And that same poll revealed:
"Forty-four percent of African Americans believe the Confederate statues should stay in place, while 11 percent said they’re unsure. The remaining 40 percent of African Americans polled said the statues should be removed."
Now, imagine what these numbers would be were it not for the incessant anti-Confederate narrative now dominating the national conversation. Yet, despite the daily anti-Confederate monument drama we're hearing and seeing from most media outlets and from many "objective" historians, the truth is that this is not the view of the majority of Americans. In fact, it's not even close.

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