31 December 2017

Coming in 2018: Vlog

I have long wanted to start a vlog that would incorporate elements of my blog and Youtube channel. As with all the projects I've had in mind for the last few years, and the fact I always have too many irons in the fire (thank you ADD), I've never been able to pull this off. However, beginning some time in early 2018, I will finally see this desire come to fruition. I've spent the last year thinking about what I want to talk about and explore and have settled on a specific theme and several topics for the vlog. 

Back in 2011 (??!!) I mentioned that I would be producing a video "tour" of my office. Though I did some initial filming and still have that footage, I never completed or edited what I started. There was also the issue of needing a better 1080 HD camcorder, lighting, good external mic/audio capabalities and video editing software that was easy to master, yet had the capability of producing decent videos (not to mention the time involved.) 

This month, I finally acquired a decent HD camcorder, tripod, wide angle lense, external mic and other items necessary to produce something that I hope will be satisfactory. I've also been using Filmora video editing software for my relic hunting videos for a year and am comfortable enough to go to the next level with some video production. (Filmora is a fabulous tool and I highly recommend it.) I've also settled on a theme or tagline/name for this video series:
Life, liberty & the pursuit of relics.
Most of this phrase is, of course, taken from one of our nation's most sacred documents and was penned by one of Virginia's favorite sons: Thomas Jefferson. It is immediatley familiar to most folks who will be interested in the subject matter of the vlog. The substitution of "relics" for the word "happiness" adds some clarity and hint to what I'll be discussing in the videos. But the relics discussed will, to one degree or another, share thematics with the spirit of Jefferson's immortal words.

I also plan to do some book reviews and discussion, go on location to some historic sites and interview some interesting individuals. These videos will average around 10 minutes each. I want to keep them relatively short so folks will actually take the time to watch them. Initially, I can only commit to one a month, but hope to work up to more than that at some point if the interest is there and I can maintain the motivation. My wife's health will continue to take precedent but, for now, she's doing relatively well. 

Part of the motivation for this project is my own posterity, specifically my own children and grandchildren. Though I know quite a bit about my own family history and heritage, much more of what I would liked to have known went to the grave with my grandparents and father before I really became interested in preserving that history. This vlog will hopefully, to some measure, prevent my descendants from experiencing that same kind of loss.  

As I mentioned, I hope to do one video a month, but may do 2 in January with the first one being an introduction to the vlog. We shall see. So, lights, camera action . . . stay tuned.

Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Relics Studio Office

Note: Plans to keep the blog focused as previously noted have not changed, nor have the plans to move the blog to another platform as soon as possible.


Lane Reeder said...

I look forward to the vlog. I'm sure it will be a success. You seem like a natural speaker on the YouTube channel. I pray for your wife's good health.

I undertand well what you mean about your father's and grandparent's knowledge. I have the same regret with my mother and her parents. Luckily, one of my grandparent's on my father's side is still living, and when I return to Arkansas I plan on getting all the knowledge that I can from her.

On that note, I have decided to return to Arkansas when I finish law school in May. After being away from home for four years for my Army service, then the time I've been at law school, I thought that I didn't have much to go back to. But, I have finally realized that Arkansas is still my home. I was looking for a place to call home, but I had one all along. It's hard to kill roots that have grown in Arkansas soil for almost 200 years.

I now see clearly that God has been doing things since we've been here in Virginia to steer me back to Arkansas, in small stages. He knows how stubborn I can be, and so took a subtle approach, it seems.

Happy New Year!

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Hello Lane and Happy New Year to you and your dear wife. You're fortunate to still have that connection to your grandparents' generation. Advice: record the conversations. My wife did that with her aunt and father and it is priceless.

Though I was looking forward to you being a neighbor here in Augusta County, I understand the draw to your home. Perhaps after becoming a successful lawyer, you'll be able to afford a home here as well!

Best to you. Keep in touch.