12 February 2018

More Celebratory American Exceptionalism From Josey Wales

Eastwood is the ultimate non-conformist. The last of a dying breed. While the rest of Hollywood follows academia's lead (Or is it the other way around? It's becoming difficult to distinguish between the two.), Eastwood continues to boldly make films that celebrate America's unique greatness and culture. It's interesting to note that Eastwood states in the video above that "it hasn't been a conscious choice to make movies about heroes." That makes this and other Eastwood films all the more intriguing. One does not have to "make a conscious choice" to notice and be drawn to stories about heroes. It's human nature. It comes naturally. I would say that one does have to "make a conscious choice" to debase heroes. And I believe there is something darkly unnatural about that. And we see the results of those choices all around us today.
From the opening attack against bureaucrats and their Ritalin, to watching boys playing in the woods with their toy guns, to the opportunities to become your own man in our military, to the selflessness of the Christian faith, to their proud masculinity, Eastwood is saying one thing above all — that if you will just let American boys be American boys, there is a very good chance they will grow up to be extraordinary men.
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Pam in Virginia said...


What an extraordinary man is Mr. Eastwood. It looks like a very good movie.


Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Even more so considering his age.