06 February 2018

VLOG Update & The First 7 Episodes

UPDATE: I may have to delay the launch of the new VLOG Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Relics and it's first episode one  more week. Understand that I am doing all the research, writing, filming and editing and it is labor intensive. No excuses here, just being transparent as to the reason for the delays. But I've written the rough outlines for what the first few episodes will be about and have done some test filming of the first episode. I then hope to quickly film and edit most of the remaining episodes and release at least one a month, but hopefully get to two a month ASAP.

I also have an important announcement about the future of my blogging and the long-promised new platform coming very soon. I know it's difficult to get excited about something you've not yet seen, so allow me to at least give you some idea and some hints. The following are the wide-ranging (but all related), topics for the first tentatively planned seven episodes of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Relics.

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