02 May 2018

Academic Historians & Credibility

It’s not just the Right that we [in academia] have a problem connecting with. Overall, Americans are far more conservative and religious than most academics. And in many other parts of the world, that distance is even greater. We’ve got to do a lot more to close that gap if we want our research to be more credible and impactful. ~ Musa al-Gharbi
This is what so many academic historians are in denial about: their own shrinking credibility with those outside the academy.

But this quote begs the question: What can academia do to close the gap? Do they themselves become more conservative and religious? That ain't gonna happen. Or do they continue the same path, attempting to push Americans to become less conservative and religious via means of their own biased research?

Perhaps simple open-mindedness, honesty and a more diverse faculty in our universities would be the better approach?

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