01 June 2018

Sense of Place Reboot

What do these things have in common?
  • Tearing down old buildings and/or "revitalizing" old urban neighborhoods for the purpose of gentrification? (This also occurs in rural areas as well).
  • Tearing down old buildings for monied commercial interests?
  • Paving over farm land for urbanization and strip malls?
  • Removing monuments because they're "offensive"?
Answer: They all ignore the importance and significance of historic preservation and traditions.

Admittedly, there are circumstances where these actions might be warranted. But our sense of place and ties to physical locations are an important part of who we are and that concept should be paramount and respected whenever possible. With that in mind, I'd like to recommend the following video. Of course, there are some ironies and contradictions with some of my thoughts, i.e., many of the locations we now wish to preserve themselves displaced older locations. It is a paradox and a struggle to balance, but one that is worth the effort.

Courtesy National Trust For Historic Preservation.

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