06 June 2018

Somethin' I Saw Today - Life in Rural Western Virginia

My view this morning. This is looking east, toward my home which is near the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains in these photos. I've never lived more than 10 miles from where I was born here in the Shenandoah Valley. Why would I want to? Bruce Catton said it best:

"There may be a lovelier country somewhere . . . but when the sunlight lies upon it and the wind puts white clouds racing their shadows the Shenandoah Valley is as good as anything America can show." ~ Bruce Catton


John D said...

I would say that it's probably best not to advertise how beautiful rural Virginia really is. You don't want all of those folks in Northern Virginia to come south, or the ones in Richmond/Tidewater to come west.

Pam in Virginia said...

Hi, Richard!

So very peaceful and beautiful. Thanks!

Pam in Albemarle

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

John - yes, it is risky, isn't it?

Pam - you're welcome!