29 June 2018

Trump Compared to Lincoln?

Dinesh D'souza goes there in his new documentary being produced by Gerald Molen, an Oscar-winning producer of Schindler's List and Jurassic Park.


Ernest D'Agrosa Jr. said...

I don't think Trump is anything like Lincoln. I see that largely as a good thing. Like Jackson? For sure. Maybe even T.R..A bit of Reagan, and even JFK to be honest. Also, I don't really understand D'Souza's insistence upon saying the Democrats of today were the Democrats of then. The Democrats of then, if you put out of your mind that slavery was the cause of the war, were really, in my opinion the inheritors of Jeffersonian republicanism. Heck, back then, I'd probably have been a democrat myself. Most likely the 'Copperhead' variety. I'm not making a complete criticism of D'Souza though, because I do believe he has done good work in the past.

Ralph Steel said...

Seriously Richard, I would think you have more smarts and taste then this. I guess I know now why I stopped reading your blog...I will have to stop again.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Ernest - I agree with you completely. Just posted it for reaction.

Ralph - I never missed you. But I'll try this time.