01 July 2018

Harvard Recruits Jethro Bodine?

This here piece from the Boston Globe is chocked full of some of them thar ironies:
Lawrence Bacow has a new vision for Harvard University . . . Bacow, who becomes the Ivy League institution’s 29th president this month, is out to shed Harvard’s image as a Northeast enclave for the country’s elite, in the age of President Trump’s muscular populism.
Yeah, good luck with that partner. Wait 'til he starts getting emails from donors. His outreach to "middle America" will likely come to a screeching halt. LOL.

The piece mentions that universities are suffering due to, "suspicions that a degree costs too much and campuses are too liberal." As long as those in academia view these facts as suspicions, the "suffering" will likely continue. The first step to rehabilitation is admitting you have a real problem. 

And this . . .
Part of his outreach will also extend to academics and people across the ideological spectrum, Bacow said, in part because free-speech controversies have roiled US college campuses in recent years, with provocative speakers sparking protests and, on a few occasions, violence.
Again, good luck with that. I think the anti-free speech environment is so ingrained (purposefully) that it will take a lot more financial pain to root it out. A lot more. Proof:
In his interview last week, Bacow declined to weigh in on Harvard’s decision this year to bar students who participate in single-gender clubs from taking on leadership positions and qualifying for prestigious fellowships.
In other words, those who belong to all female or all male clubs aren't (in Harvard's view) worthy of leadership positions. So much for reaching out to "people across the ideological spectrum." LOL.

Frankly, I doubt many will be fooled by this "outreach." This "effort" seems to be more about helping Harvard's image than anything else. Jethro would probably be better off attending his local vocational tech school and gettin' his edgication there. Ironically, even NPR would seem to concede that point.

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