28 August 2018

Victor Davis Hanson & The Peasant Class

The elite media, the Democratic party hierarchy, the intellectual establishment, the entertainment industry, the Never Trump punditry, and the identity-politics industry have all created a vast echo chamber. Inside it, each seems to vie with the other to adduce the most creative end-game scenarios surrounding the hated Trump. This week we are told that providing money to your own campaign to purchase, via a non-disclosure agreement, the silence of an alleged past paramour is an impeachable offense, while assuming that hiding campaign money sent through firewall intermediaries to hire a foreign spook to disrupt a presidential campaign and to seed an unverified dossier among government grandees leads to nothing.

Outside of their bubble, our elites have no idea of what half the “peasant” class thinks of them, or what it will do if they succeed, or the untold paradoxes and ironies that they will bring upon themselves. ~ Professor Victor Davis Hanson

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