03 December 2018

My Next Book?

I think I may write a book exploring the tweets of academic historians, Hollywood celebs (hard to tell the difference these days), Fake News types and whacky politicians.. If I do, I'm going to call it Tweets from Twistorians or How to Use Twitter to Destroy Your Credibility.

Some real money quotes out there. LOL. I'm collecting and cataloguing them for future generations. 

(I'm serious, though it won't be my next book. That's one's already in the pipeline.)


Peggy LaMascus said...

Sounds like a great comic book! Go for it! 🤗

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Hi Peggy. Yes, it's a treasure field just waiting to be mined. Twitter is such a cesspool for idiocy. It's actually embarrassing. I often have to wonder why folks who wish to be taken seriously write the things they write for the whole world to see.