03 January 2019

Battles & Bones Postings

I'm posting regularly at the new website and blog now and much less here. That will continue. The latest posts:

Healing a Broken Nation: Civil War Veterans Show the Way

Celebrating the Old Breed

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02 January 2019

Understanding Academics Raging on Twitter

Ironically, the explanation comes from within academia in a report:

Hidden Tribes: A Study of America’s Polarized Landscape

The money quote about this study comes from a recent piece at National Review:
The views of one cluster on the left wing of the electorate are sharply differentiated from the rest of the survey pool. This group is christened “Progressive Activists” and described as “younger, highly engaged, secular, cosmopolitan, angry.” They make up 8 percent of the population and their demographics are predictable: disproportionately white, educated [sic], and wealthy. They are more than twice as likely as other Americans to report that politics is a “hobby.”
In other words, they're out of touch, privileged, virtue-signalling elites. But I don't see those folks viewing politics as a "hobby." Rather, by reading their twitter feeds/posts you will quickly come to the conclusion that politics is, for them, an obsession bordering on a religion. 

And this . . .
Their views cut sharply against the grain of popular consensus. Seventy-eight percent of Americans describe themselves as “proud to be an American,” whereas 69 percent of Progressive Activists report that they are “ashamed to be an American.” Seventy-three percent of Americans value the American Dream, but only 44 percent of Progressive Activists do. Eighty percent of Americans agree that political correctness is a problem, a view that only 30 percent of Progressive Activists hold.
These facts explain so much of what you read on Twitter, hear on CNN and read in the WAPO, NYT and see coming out of our colleges and universities.

01 January 2019

First Blog Posts Up at Battles & Bones

New post up at the new website/blog. We're off and running!

Roger Williams & Divine Providence.

New Website & Blog: Beta Version 2.0

New Website Screen Shot
I hope you all have had a very Merry Christmas and are enjoying the New Year! As I continue to test themes and layouts for the new website and blog, I think I've finally settled on an overall theme and design. While the look and name is different, the central focus remains the same:

"Exploring and celebrating American history,
heritage, adventure and tradition."

I hope to explain later about the evolution, name change and redirection in a detailed blog post. There is method behind the madness. Due to business issues, some family health challenges and other intervening events, this is taking longer than I'd planned. There are, as always, a number of things going with my research and writing that don't make it to this blog. Hopefully, that will change with the new website/blog.

One thing I love about the new platform is how well high resolution images display. I think it really brings a higher level of attractiveness and professionalism to my work.

In any event, please visit my new online home and watch for the first blog post coming soon.

Happy New Year.