03 May 2019

The Left Hates Free Speech

I've experienced this mindset many times when debating those on the left. They want to oppress the opinions and speech of those with whom they disagree. I even was involved in one discussion where an academic suggested jailing those who hold views on American history different from what is "approved" in academia. Now this . . .
That anti-conservative mindset was apparent throughout the incoherent and inconsistent report. Conservative organizations were included throughout but liberal groups rarely were. The National Review and Heritage were removed from the list but Heritage’s Daily Signal was on it. That combined to create a shameless double-standard. It specifically targeted conservative media watchdog groups and didn’t include liberal ones.
There are several reasons for this mindset. They're cowards. Their arguments can't win. They're lazy. They're intellectually dishonest and bankrupt. They're totalitarian.

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Victor said...

Freedom of speech is a right entrenched in the constitution