25 July 2017

New Position: Contributing Editor

Just a follow up to my previous post about being offered a position as a contributing editor with a national publication. That announcement is now official so I thought I'd share some more details for those readers who might be interested. The name of the publication is Western & Eastern Treasures Magazine. W&E T is written in a popular style and strives "to inform, educate, and entertain the metal detecting/treasure hunting community." The magazine features articles with subject matter ranging from the practical "how to's" of metal detecting to the discovery of treasure caches to recovering Civil War relics to early American history. The announcement of my position will be made in their October issue.

W&E T has been in continuous publication since 1966 and is the longest continuously published magazine of its type. I've already written a number of articles for W&E T over the last several years as a freelancer. My most recent piece ("Dig That Iron"), discussed some of the iron relics I've recovered over the last few years and the history of iron in the United States dating from the colonial period. My plan is to use my position as a CE to focus on the history behind many of the finds I (and others) make. All relics and collectables have a story to tell and those stories are often fascinating ones.

I'm very excited about this new opportunity and hope to make the best of it.

If you have suggestions for stories for the magazines regarding historical artifacts or, if you have access to property that may contain artifacts (metal) and would like to discuss recovery of those relics, please email me: stonewallbook_at_yahoo.com