04 September 2017

Dr. Jeb Stuart V on Confederate Monuments: Honest Discussion

My great-great grandfather and many others who fought for the Confederacy never wrote about fighting to preserve the enslavement of other human beings. In fact, many found the institution of slavery abhorrent. These soldiers chose to defend their home states, which included slavery. Today, that moral choice stands as the largest stain on our Southern ancestors, regardless of their struggles of conscience or the standards of the day. . . .

We as a community bear the collective responsibility to come to peace with past injustices and do better in the future. The sacrifices of all our ancestors should never be marginalized. The piecemeal revision of our shared history takes away the shining light that defines us as a nation. To borrow the tagline from the Washington Post: Democracy dies in darkness. ~ Dr. Jeb Stuart V
You can read more of Dr. Stuart's thoughts on this topic here.

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