22 December 2018

The National Guard Channels Robert E. Lee

"I must side either with or against my section or country. I cannot raise my hand against my birthplace, my home, my children." ~ Robert E. Lee
I heard a recruitment ad for the National Guard yesterday morning on a local radio station. The announcer encouraged those interested in serving to sign up so they could serve and protect "family, community and country."

The ad lists the motivations for "serving"; listing one's love of family first. I don't think that was random or accidental. I was immediately reminded of Robert E. Lee's words; which express identical sentiments. 

What comes first, ones family or one's country?

08 December 2018

Of Treasure, Pirates & Wide-Eyed Boys

I don't believe I ever posted this. Though 3 years old, I thought it would be of interest to some readers . . .

06 December 2018

Massachusetts: Still Persecuting Dissenters

  • States with high [homeschool] regulation (all the above regulations, plus other requirements — e.g., curriculum approval by the state, teacher qualification of parents or home visits by state officials) include Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Vermont.

Note that much of the least free states in this report are in the Northeast. Other reports/studies show similar results. This is due (at least in part) to the legacy of the Puritans who, as we know, were hard on dissenters. Watch the video below for the latest Puritan attack on freedom. Here's the latest example of a modern day witch hunt:

03 December 2018

My Next Book?

I think I may write a book exploring the tweets of academic historians, Hollywood celebs (hard to tell the difference these days), Fake News types and whacky politicians.. If I do, I'm going to call it Tweets from Twistorians or How to Use Twitter to Destroy Your Credibility.

Some real money quotes out there. LOL. I'm collecting and cataloguing them for future generations. 

(I'm serious, though it won't be my next book. That's one's already in the pipeline.)

02 December 2018

Archeology at Arlington House

As a passionate preservationist and amateur archeologist myself, I found this new effort quite interesting.

01 December 2018

The Next Conservative Generation - Millenials?

Millennials will surpass their ‘Baby Boomer’ parents in 2019 as the largest adult generation and will subsequently become the largest U.S. voter demographic.

Boomers born between 1946 and 1964 were the hippie “drugs, sex and rock-and-roll” liberal Democrats of the late 1960s and early 1970s. But after launching into the adulthood of marriage, mortgages, babies and paying taxes, Boomers evolved into the conservative voter demographic that elected Republicans as four of the next six presidents.

Millennials voted as liberals in 2018 because they got off to about a seven-year delay on the road to adulthood. But with Millennials playing catch-up on marriage, mortgages, babies and paying taxes, don’t be surprised if Millennials start voting for their own economic interests and morph into another dominant conservative voter demographic over the next four decades.
More here.